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About Us

Interested in trying gliding or learning to fly a glider? You've come to the right place! The Adelaide University Gliding Club welcomes everyone, not just those attending Adelaide Uni. We operate from Stonefield airfield most weekends and public holidays.

Stonefield, 16km passed Truro on the Sturt Hwy, approximately 110 km north-east of Adelaide. Turn left off the Hwy onto a dirt road just after the 'Blanchetown 30km' green sign. Continue through two intersections, the second of which is in Stonefield itself, then look for the gate to the airfield on your right.

Gliding Federation of Australia
South Australian Gliding Association.

Our fully-qualified instructors love to share their passion for gliding with new members. After reaching solo standard, training can be sought for aerobatics and cross-country flying that can cover 100's of kilometres on a single flight. Solo pilots can obtain a passenger rating so they can fly with their friends and family.

The Gliding Federation of Australia supervises all Gliding activities in Australia under delegation from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

Training to solo standard takes 10 hours of flying time on average.

Concession rates apply for students.

Instruction is provided free of charge in our 2 seater sailplanes.

Glider hours can count towards a Private Pilot's License.

The Gliding Club operates on most Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Bookings essential.

You can drive to the airfield yourself if you like. Otherwise, the Club organises a car pool from the Adelaide University footbridge. Just ring or email the contact person on 0412 870 963 or and ask if you're able to get a lift with someone. Once you're a trainee, you will have access to our online booking site and will then be able to coordinate transportation with other Club members directly.

Club Membership $30/$150 per year
GFA Fee* $135/$258 per year or $30 per 9-day period

Winch launch $5/$6 per launch
Flying cost $27/$45 per hour*
Air Experience Flight $100/$120

  • 2016 prices. 2017 may be different
    * Prices for the K13 Two seater Training glider
    * Aerobatics can be done for an additional charge

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