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Kendo State Champs

Posted By Sports Development Officer on 23/06/2017

2017 South Australia State Kendo Championship - held in June, is annual event which the three university Kendo clubs in South Australia, include Adelaide University Kendo Club, University of South Australia Kendo Club and The Kendo club of Flinders University fight it out in a number of events. The main events were individuals and teams and they are also separated into men's and women's groups and also via grades; Kyu (junior) and Dan (senior).

Adelaide University Kendo preformed great with first place in men's and women's individuals; Men's Kyu Individuals were won by Adelaide University member Ben Thompson, Womens Open Individuals by Adelaide University member Mio M. Gary Bryant and Beth Sammels both from a strong Flinders University group came second in the respective matches. Again in the Men's Kyu team matches Adelaide University was able to overcome the Flinders team to take first place. The women's open team match was won by a strong University SA team who were amazingly able to field two teams. Giving the state competition a strong women's kendo presence. The men's Dan competition was hard fought between the 3 clubs with a strong finish by Flinders University getting a 1-2 with Byron Son and William Rosenthal taking top positions. The team events were again won by Flinders and second place was won by Adelaide University.

Special thanks to:
Hayami Aboutaleb Sensei
Nic Bartlett Sensei
James Harta Lee
Visiting Sensei from QLD; Kuromochi Sensei
Photo Credits: Alex Delderfield