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Underwater Rugby Trip

Posted By Sports Development Officer on 16/10/2017

The Adelaide White Pointers team of the Adelaide University Scuba Diving Club and the wider Australian underwater rugby (UWR) community spent the weekend of 23-24 September in Sydney for the 2017 nODEX tournament.

Excitingly, this was the first Australian UWR tournament to have several competitive women’s teams Yahoo! The Adelaide White Pointers joined forces with Canberra and NZ, to make a hybrid ‘Silver Dogsharks’ team. Other women’s teams were the UNSW Platypuses, the Victorian Seadragons, and a combined Hobart/Brisbane team. Each team fought it out with passion, good-natured rivalry and strong team spirit. I think all of us ladies were also enjoying the sense of growing women’s empowerment in the Australian UWR arena.

Overall the Hobart/Brisbane women’s team claimed the gold, the Vic Seadragons silver, and the Sydney Platypuses the bronze. The newly formed Silver Dogsharks did not take a win; this time.

A whopping 11 teams made up the mixed-team component of the tournament: the Adelaide Whitepointers, UNSW whales (A and B), Victoria Seadragons (A and B), Canberra Underdogs (A and B), UniDive Gauls, Tasmanian Convicts, New Zealand, and the Eastern Stallions (an underwater hockey team, that having never played UWR before, blew us away with their skills). The Perth team was unable to attend as they won the National Championships earlier in May 2017 and are saving for the Champions Cup in Berlin.

The mixed teams fought hard and long for the medals. Some teams made astounding wins over teams once thought more skilled. The Canberra underdogs A team returned home with bronze, the UNSW Whales A secured the silver, and the UniDive Gauls claimed the gold.

Since the ODEX tournament in 2015, the event has since doubled in size. This year, tents and bodies were overflowing from the lawns around the outdoor pool, and several teams were using the grandstand seats above the adjoining lap-pool at Sydney’s Ashfield Aquatic Centre.

Adelaide White Pointers team sent four new players from the club to their first ever UWR tournament. Considering that some players have only been learning the game for two months, they are extremely proud of their 8th place out of 11 teams in the mixed competition. Well done to all players for an amazing effort.