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Snow Ski Mt Hotham Trip

Posted By Sports Development Officer on 31/07/2017

On Saturday 15 July, the wait for Adelaide University Snow Ski Club’s annual ski trip was finally over!

With promising weather predictions for the week on the mountain, and with 91 eager members, we hopped on the bus and set our sites for Mt Hotham. The bus ride there is always gruelling, but when the nerves settle, and everyone gets acquainted with their new home for the next 12 plus hours, it isn’t so bad. Thankfully, it was all worthwhile, and our patience was rewarded, as when we awoke on Sunday we were greeted with clear skies and a fresh layer of snow, which put a smile on everyone’s faces.

This year, we stayed at the Arlberg, a short bus trip or about a 5 minute walk from Hotham Central. As expected, the first day is slightly chaotic, getting 91 keen members and their luggage, into their rooms, and then down to ski hire and out on the slopes as soon as possible. But thankfully, the Arlberg staff and our members were great, and everything went off without a hitch, much to the relief of our committee.

For those who elect to stay off the slopes, Mt Hotham and the Arlberg have a lot of great bars and restaurants to visit, like the Snowbird, or Swindlers below Hotham Central, or of course the Hot Doggies, for a double dog with the lot. These venues also provide a great viewing place to watch your friends carve up the slopes or hit the terrain park. Or if your friends aren’t that great at skiing or snowboarding yet, sitting in prime position to watch them tomahawk down the slopes is always good fun.

On return from the slopes, there was nothing quite like hitting the pool, spa and sauna facilities provided by the Arlberg before dinner. It was a great opportunity to warm up, rest up, and exchange funny or just plain crazy stories from the slopes that day with fellow members.

Meals, besides lunch, were provided by the Arlberg. Breakfast was typically at around 8:30am, however this wasn’t always possible for those who enjoy a sleep in. But for the dedicated, this was a great way to start the day before tearing it up on the slopes. Dinner was at 7:30pm and we were treated to a number of delicious meals before the evening festivities began.

As is AUSKI tradition, each night is assigned a different theme, which everyone on the trip dresses up for. One of the nights this year was Game of Thrones night, which saw us celebrate the arrival of the new season 7 of the popular series, of course in Winter! Our other more well known theme night is the highly outrageous Adults Only Night. This night has been a staple on the AUSKI trip for many years, and has earned a reputation amongst mountain staff for being one of the greatest nights of the snow season. Although slightly unorthodox but in true AUSKI fashion, it’s our way of saying thank you to everyone who works on the mountain for making our week so great.

Come Friday, it was time to farewell the mountain with one last session out on the slopes, before we packed up and left the Arlberg and Mt Hotham that afternoon. After an intense week of skiing and snowboarding, it was time to pile back onto the buses and begin our descent back down the mountain and home again. Although this seems like the end, we leave with newly forged friendships and memories, which will last a lifetime.