Learn To Swim



The Adelaide University Swimming Club is introducing its first ever Learn To Swim program. This program is tailored for any student (18 year or older) who wishes to learn how to swim. A qualified AustSwim coach will be giving the lessons. Lessons will be held in small groups (max. 5 persons) to ensure maximal attention to each participant. At the first lesson, we ask everyone to arrive at 5.45pm, for a 6pm start. The coach will then determine each person's level. You will then be put into two groups according to your level, one group will start their lessons at 6pm and the other at 6.30pm.

It is recommeded that you attend ALL lessons in order to create a positive learning experience. NO refunds or catch up/replacement lessons are possible.

What will you learn?

  • This program is designed to increase participant's confidence in the water and to teach them the basics of the correct swimming techniques.

  • You will be taught the basics of Freestyle and Backstroke

Who can participate?


  • ​Students who have not had formal swimming education.

  • Students who have had minimal formal swimming education and feel unsure and unsafe in the water.

  • International, as well as domestic students.

Lesson Times

The Learn To Swim program will consist of an intensive FIVE (5) week learning period. The first five week Learn To Swim program will start on Monday the 26th of February and will end on Friday the 30th of March. The second five week Learn To Swim program will start on Monday the 16th of April and will end of Friday the 18th of May. There will be two lessons of each 30 minutes per week in the first period, and one lesson of 30 minutes per week in the second period. Please arrive AT LEAST 15 MINUTES IN ADVANCE.

  • Period 1: Monday 26 February 2018 - Friday 30 March 2018

    • Mondays 6pm - 6.30pm OR 6.30pm - 7pm


    • Fridays 6pm - 6.30pm OR 6.30pm - 7pm

  • Period 2: Monday 16 April - Friday 18 May

    • Fridays 6pm - 6.30 pm OR 6.30pm - 7pm


In order to participate in this program you will have to purchase the following:

  • Learn To Swim package for FULL 5 weeks (10 classes of 30 minutes): $80

  • AUSC Membership (see membership page): $30 (during O'Week) and $35 (after O'Week)

All fees need to be paid BEFORE the start of the program. This is due to insurance requirements. No casual classes are available to purchase.


  • Period 1:

Uni SA Magill Pool (heated, outdoors pool):
14 Bundey Street, Magill

  • Period 2:

St Peter's College Swimming Pool (indoors):
St Peters SA 5069 

Travelling To The Pool

Arriving at the pool is your own responsibility, however, we will try to help if we can. Please post in our Facebook group if you need help getting to the pool (see 'Contact Us' page).