The Blues is an important element to AU Sport as it allows AU Sport Clubs and the University community to unite together and celebrate the sporting and volunteering achievements of our members at our gala event at the end of the year. The different standards for a Blue, Half Blue and Club Letters (Service and Competition) are set by each club and then approved by the Blues Committee.

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Blue             Half Blue          Club Letters (Service and Competition)

Blues Standards
In 2012, the Blues Committee recognised that comparing clubs and the sports is not an easy task due to the size of the sport, the level of competition in which AU Sport clubs participate and the pathways within each sport. As a result, a major review of all club standards was conducted to bring into line (where possible) the standards that must be met to achieve a Blue or Half Blue, but still cater for the differences between clubs.
In accordance with the 'AU Sport Blues Award Policy' a copy of the Blues Guidelines, including Club Standards and individual nomination forms, can be found below:
Note that we are only accepting online nominations from 2017, if you send a nomination another way, it will not be accepted by the Blues Committee. Below is a paper version to draft your nomination, but the final nomination must be via the online survey. All category nominations have the same questions, so don't take notice this is the Blue Nomination Draft. Text boxes may appear small, but when completing you will be able to place large amounts of text.