2018 SA Challenge - Beach Volleyball Fours


2018 SA Challenge - Beach Volleyball Fours

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Beach Volleyball Fours Join the SA Challenge team and help us take down UniSA and Flinders! See below information of the event itself.

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SA Challenge Registrations


2018 SA Challenge Beach Volleyball Fours

By completing your registration for SA Challenge Fast 5 Netball, you agree to The SA Challenge Code of Conduct.

Friday, 4 May

City Beach

Team Size:
Each team* shall adhere to the following minimum and maximum squad sizes:
Minimum 4
Maximum 6

*If you do not have a team AU Sport can allocate you to an existing one.

Teams must have a minimum of 1 female on court at all times.
There is a limit of 2 teams per University.

All games shall follow the rally points system.
Matches will be best of three sets:
Sets one and two - first to 21 with a minimum 2 point lead.
Set three - first to 15 with a minimum 2 point lead.

Email uninationals@theblacks.com.au for further information