Division 1 Women- Round 18 vs Sturt at Marion - Winners 72-37

Division 1 Women- Round 18 vs Sturt at Marion - Winners 72-37

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Maddi Veitch

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Now at the business end of the season the Blacks ladies took on a young Sturt team at Marion. Missing three of our regulars from injury and one poorly planned holiday goer, we called on Adrienne ‘Rocky’ Worrell and Cill ‘Queen’ Stanton to step up into the team.

Jaz ‘Dusty’ Moyle very kindly offered herself for scoring duties this week as she was unable to suit up, luckily she wasn’t playing though, instead of heading to Marion she took herself all the way to Morphett Vale and only got to our game at quarter time – opps! Can anyone hear a quack quack – duck nomination! Thanks to Hail Storm Haylz for popping onto the score bench in the interim, although we were happy to have her back to chime in with 1, 2 ,3 BLACKS – I just can’t do it the same!

The first quarter was quite frantic, lots of layups and quick-fire offences with Rocky and Queen fitting perfectly into the rotation. Late in the first though Stacey ‘Hemo’ Franceschinis copped a deep fingernail in the hand and proceeded to bleed profusely….Super Coach Tuz suggested it was just a scratch and she should continue on…nek minute, 50 seconds to go in the quarter, Hemo leaves the court to sort out said ‘scratch’ and we wait for the next 5 minutes for an umpires time out while they wander around the court spraying and wiping the blood which had managed to make its way all over the court and all over the ball….we finally got back to playing and finished the quarter up 16-9.

With the court super clean and Hemo all patched up we went out in the second ready to foot down and pushed out to a fast paced 36-13 half time score. Everyone’s Favourite Pokemon Evie keeping herself to only one foul in the first half – woohoo!

Changing tact and moving to a zone, Queen’s enormous reach was inflicted on the Sturt guards in the third and we pushed the lead out to a comfortable 28 points, up 51-23 at three-quarter time.

In the last quarter the game opened right up, we continued to pressure and got some great steals and scores, but Sturt managed to knock down some ridiculous shots to keep their score ticking over probably more than it should have…we closed out the game winning 72-37.

Queen finished with a handy 2 points and was real troublesome for Sturt in defence, Hemo finished with 5 but battled hard for some big boards and plenty of assists, Rocky looked at home with 9 points, Baby Huey Laura was back playing some dominant basketball knocking down 12, Pokemon made up for her short game last week with 21 and only 2 fouls, and I worked hard to finish with 23.

Next week we take on the Tigers at Morphett Vale with 5 games to play in the season.

Go Blacks!

By Tam Walker