Division 1 Women - Semi Final 1 vs South @ Marion - Defeated 83-59

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Maddi Veitch

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First things first, HUGE thank you to the crowd that came out on Tuesday night to both the men’s and women’s games, it was enormously appreciated!

Second, congratulations to Matt "Popovich" Wensley, as well as his assistant Tim "Nash" Summers and the Blacks Div 1 men who put on an inspiring performance against Sturt to come out winners 71-63 to keep their finals campaign alive. Toby "Ranger" Lightheart fouling out but finishing with 19, Oliver "Forrest Gump" Sainsbury had a hard hitting 14, Josh "The Assassin" Warnock knocked down 13 including a big charge to turn the momentum back in the favour of the Blacks, Cameron "The Post-man" Warnock had 11, Lachlan "Stretch" Cotton finished with a handy 9, Matthew "Houdini" Rogers controlled the floor all night and had 5, and Jared "Hangtime" Vandersluys provided some important intensity off the bench. Great job fellas and good luck next week against West!

In regards to our game, not sure there is a lot to say. It was disappointing, and I think everyone knows I hate losing, well, we hate losing. We had a good start, out 7 to 2 early, but from there South took the lead and never gave it back. We were down 18-11 at the end of the first quarter, then 42-22 at the half. We turned the ball over and looked lost in defence and South just didn’t miss a beat.

The second half was more of the tight tussle we were hoping for, and I was certainly proud of the girls for digging deep and staying true to what we can achieve. Putting the first half behind us we pushed and shoved and got on a bit of a roll in the third but we just couldn’t stop the scoreboard ticking away at the other end finishing the third down 61-38. The fourth was more of the same and a bit of a stale mate, other than our Favourite Pokemon knocking down a quick fire 9 points getting the crowd up and about. In the end South took the win, 83-59.

Our Favourite Pokemon Evie finished with 11, Eager Beaver Dan had 10, and Stacey (aka Bouncy) and myself, Turtle closed out the scorers with 13 each.

Thankfully after a great season we have put ourselves in a position where our season doesn’t have to end here. We get a second chance to take on Centrals next week in the Preliminary Final and we need to bring our best basketball and leave nothing behind. Dream it. Achieve it.

So, I call again on our awesome Blacks Army – please come out and put one eye on the Ladies game and one eye on the Men’s, cheer loud for both and help make it a Blacks Double in the Grand Final! How amazing would that be. Let’s get the job done and be loud and proud.

People often ask us!
Who we are, and where do we come from.
and so I tell them….
We come from Adelaide Uni.
The mighty mighty uni.
The mighty mighty mighty mighty mighty mighty mighty Uni!!
Go Blacks!

By Tam Walker