Div 5 Men - Round 2 vs Magic - Defeated 45-31

Div 5 Men - Round 2 vs Magic - Defeated 45-31

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Ah we were back at the lovely tin shed known as Hillcrest stadium for a clash with Western Magic, hoping for a better result than our outing the previous week.

The first quarter began wonderfully (and slowly) with a foul in the first 15 seconds by Droopy (who would roll his ankle later in the quarter). Our only 3 for the night came not long after from known gunslinger, Wild Shot Will (Will Daniels).

The big combo of Splash Brother (Simran Bedi), Stevie Wonder (Steve Gowen) and Big Game Dame (Damneet Sambhy) worked well inside defensively and offensively to bring it back to a 10 all draw at the first break.

Beginning of the second quarter, Easy Rich (Elliott Richardson) started out hot, getting a couple of quick scores with his lefty jumper and his quick pace. The remainder of the quarter was limited to some fouls by the usual suspects (Droopy and Dame) along with buckets to multiple people, with the half closing at a score of 19-15 in our favour.

No favours were done in the third however as we managed to have almost as many fouls as points for the quarter. Jesus (Matt Varvounis) managed to prevent having a donut stat line with his single foul coming late in the quarter, unfortunately he didn't make any of the good looking jumpers he took this game. However, Magic were unable to take advantage of our lack of scoring, only managing to turn the score line to 21-24 by the end of the third.

We took a turn for the worse in the final term. Our legs (and passing) started to fail us and Magic were able to force a few turnovers, converting them to points on the fast break. Splash Brother managed to score a basket around halfway through the quarter (ending his possibility for a donut) while Dame finished a nice and-1 a few plays later. Some point after this, the refs decided to swallow their whistles while Easy Rich copped a horrible foul resulting in a cut to the brow requiring 5 stitches after the game which ended with a 31-45 score.

Honorable mention to the better Dave (David Williams) for our first donut of the year, failing to put up a stat (that gets counted in our league anyway). Hopefully there aren't too many more of them from any of us.

On to a better stadium next week lads. Hopefully the change in scenery helps us get over the line against SuperTAFE.

By Droopy