Div 5 Men - Round 3 vs Uni SA - Winners 54-46

Div 5 Men - Round 3 vs Uni SA - Winners 54-46

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Sara Lane

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After starting the season 0-2, the Div 5’s were keen to draw first blood and what better way to do it than defeating the old enemy, Super Tafe (Uni SA) at the Distinctive Homes Dome. The 5’s were dealt a huge pre-game blow (or blessing) when Greek Jesus (Varv) was called up by Wens for the Div 1’s, but due to a clerical error (likely Doyle’s weekly email being wrought with errors) he was unable to make his long-awaited debut and was resigned to scoring for the 5’s. This was telling as the Div 1’s went down on Tuesday, likely from a lack of offensive firepower, but the Div 5’s on the other hand looked sharp and ready to go.

With Greek Jesus unavailable to play for the 5’s, his disciples could be forgiven for being more nervous than they were at the Last Supper, but the boys showed great intensity from the opening tip-off, particularly some strong offensive rebounding from Sim ‘Splash Brother’ Bedi and Big Game Dame Sambhy. The offence started slowly but got going with some excellent driving at the basket by Elliott ‘Human Highlight Reel’ Richardson and after his first few jaw-droppers, the rest of the team got cracking to keep the score at 10-10 going into the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter was clearly inspired by Klay Thompson’s record 14 three-pointers after White Chocolate (Dave Williams) pulled up for the first three-point bomb of his Blacks career. White Q (also Dave) was clearly only dealing in lots-of 3 and decided to drive hard at the basket and get the and-1, which he duly finished at the charity line. While that was good, play of the quarter had to go to the Human Highlight Reel, who crossed over the Super Tafe guard like he wasn’t there and in true Div 5 style he missed the open layup. We finished the half off at 26-16 and the boys could smell the win (or perhaps it was just Droopy).

Uni SA made a strong start to the third quarter and the most pleasing part of this match was the character and composure the team showed during this period to keep up their defensive pressure and continue taking the shots that would eventually start dropping. The influence of the first two weeks of match reports was clearly playing a psychological role in the team’s third quarter performance, with the lads trying to shake their assigned nicknames. Will Daniels clearly preferred Gunslinger over the Steam-Boat and couldn’t stop hitting his mid-range jumpers and layups in the open court, whilst Steve Gowen was clearly envious of the Steam-Boat title and did his best impression of the coal fired beast with a beautiful coast-to-coast score where he pulled down the board, parted Uni SA’s defence like the red sea and finished it off with a gorgeous finger roll. The lads finished the third quarter with the game in the balance at 36-32.

The fourth quarter brought out the team’s best performance of the summer season, with the lads blowing Uni SA away with an 18-point quarter. Big Game Dame’s reputation only grows with 6 of his 7-points coming down the Q4 stretch with some solid work in the paint while Droopy hit a number of crucial two’s including the play of the match whereby Elliott drove nicely and flicked a no-look dime to Droopy who hit the reverse layup in the midst of the Super Tafers, whose spirit was clearly broken after their attempt to win this game had gone the same way as the Super University merger. The lads finished the game strongly, winning 54-46 and it was their just deserts for putting in their strongest effort over 4-quarters this season. Special mention should go to Steam Boat Steve who put in by far his strongest effort for the club with both his scoring and general play, whilst Elliott Richardson needs to make sure these sort of performances are limited to games not attended by coaches of higher grade teams (you can’t bet on horses at Div 5 games so likely Wens won’t be there on a Wednesday).

Thanks also to Josh Warnock for coaching the boys (clearly coach Warnock can’t get enough having already coached the girls to victory earlier that night) and Roxanne Wen for sticking around to support the team on while nursing a sore ankle.

Well in lads and let’s pick up where we left off after this week’s bye round (which will make us undefeated through rounds 3 and 4).

Team Stats:
Droopy: 8-points, 1x play of the day.
Splash Brother/No. 2 Indian: 0-points, 2-fouls and 0/1 3-point shooting (making it 0/3 for the summer season but ask him about the corner 3 on Saturday).
Gunslinger Daniels: 12-points (shots fired, pew pew).
Big Game Dame: 7-points, 1x fourth quarter dominated.
White Chocolate/White-Q: 6-points all while showing some OCD tendencies after only scoring in multiples of 3.
Sacrifice Yeganeh: 2-points (which was of course a mid-range jumper)
Steam Boat Steve: 8-points and definitely a few B&F votes (if we actually did that in summer).
Elliott ‘Human Highlight Reel’ Richardson: 11-points, 5 ankle break victims and one And-1 Mixtape Tour contract.
Greek Jesus: 10L of tears after his disciples got the win while he was scoring.

By Varv