Div 5 Men - Round 5 vs Uni SA 3- Defeated 41-40

Div 5 Men - Round 5 vs Uni SA 3- Defeated 41-40

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The Div 5 boys returned to Titanium Stadium to play SuperTafe 3. There was a different feel amongst the boys before the game, with Greek Jesus coming back down to the 5’s after two weeks of administration errors resulting in him being unable to play for the Div 1’s at Coach Wens request. Apparently it had something to do with Doyle's emails being late. Nevertheless, the boys were excited to welcome our greasy lord and saviour back into the line up. This excitement was dismissed shortly after as he was seen searching through his bag for his phone at tip off so Ben Knuckey (yet to be assigned a nickname) could get in contact with Dave Linn about registering for the summer season.

This left the only big on the court at tip off being Simran, who swiftly pushed Steven (who legitimately asked to be called “Tickle me Elmo” while drunk in the team’s group chat) into the centre circle for the jump ball. Sim then ran to the defensive end as a safety. Not only did this show unbelievable faith in Elmo for the jump ball, bit it was also the fastest Sim moved all game.

Btw Wens if you’re reading this Elliot was terrible from the get go, so please skip the next bit.

Elliot was playing amazing team basketball from the get go, bringing the ball up the court comfortably against supertafes full court press. With the first play of the game “Easy Rich” drove into a forrest of taller bodies, kicking the ball out to an open White Q who drained the 3. This set the tone for the whole game, with Elliot driving and drawing the defence on multiple occasions leading to wide open shots.

While the offence was clicking early, defence looked to be the place they would need to focus on with the boys committing 5 fouls in the first quarter and allowing the taller opponent to easy 2nd chance points. Varv opened his scoring account at the end of the first going one from two at the line, with the boys ending the quarter down 8-9.

At quarter time the boys were feeling good about the start of the game. They knew where they had to improve heading into the second and with the addition of the now registered Ben at the centre, they would hope to be able to lock down the defensive boards. Unfortunately this was not the case as Uni SA were able go continue the 2nd chance points, getting out to a quick 8 point lead in the low scoring affair. The boys took a time out to regain composure, with Droopy taking a bottle of windex onto the court to start cleaning our offensive window himself, getting three offensive boards in a row before getting hacked and going to the line. This show of pure hustle and a little elbow grease fired up the boys with Atbin “Sacrifice” Yeganeh hitting two open midrange jumpers in a row as we started to close the deficit. Unfortunately for us, Uni SA finished the quarter strong, with the half time score being 19-28.

At the start of the 3rd the blacks lifted their intensity on the defensive end. Ben, Sim and Droop all locked down the defensive rebounding, our guards forced turnovers meaning we started running the break with confidence and even hit our open looks. Varv took some of his own advice and cashed in from deep with a Klay like catch and shoot from the extended corner. Shortly after that “White Q” hit his 2nd three of the game to put the blacks on a 10-2 run, bringing the game back to within a point (29-30). Costly fouls with 5 minutes to go in the 3rd resulted in Uni SA slowing down the game and at three quarter time the scoreline read 29-35.

Down 6 at the start of the 4th we decided to leave it all on the line. The improved defensive rebounding in the second half continued, and as we regained control of the backboard, we found the offence fell back into place. A prime example of this was when “White Q” decided he’d rather be know as “Less-Athletic Toby” as he hit a deeeeeep 3 from the wing logo of the dome’s centre court, bringing the blacks to within 3. From there the boys went basket to basket with Uni SA. With under a minute to go we found ourselves down 3. Enter Elmo who got open and hit a midrange jumper from the corner with just 34 seconds to go, giving us a good shot with the last possession of the game being ours. Now down by 1 the boys defensive effort paid off as we got a stop, however while trying to push the break we turned the ball over. All wasn’t lost though as the Uni SA player attempted a “Josh style” dunk, with the only issue being he back rimmed it as if his name was Cam. As Ben pulled in a vital rebound, he got fouled allowing us to call a time out and draw up a play with 5.0 seconds to go.

We drew up a play to get Elliot the ball off of a double pick, hopefully giving him a lane to the rim, but as the play broke down Ben was the only blacks player able to pop open. He got the ball at the high post right as Steven popped open in the corner, but as he received the ball the defence closed out hard. As the shot missed the final siren sounded, with the Div 5’s going down by a single point, 40-41.

Although we took a tough loss, there was a lot of positives to take out of this game. As a team we shot the ball well, got each other great looks and played good team basketball. We go in to next week hoping that we can play solid defence from the get go as well as have everyone registered before tip off.

Full Stats:
Elliot “Easy Rich” Richardson: 4 Points, A bunch of assists unless wens is reading this in which case he was terrible please don’t move him up.
Varv: 4 points, 50% from the line, 100% from deep proving that the 3 is clearly the better shot to take.
Droopy: Also 4 points, half bottle of windex used throughout the game.
Simran: 4 points again, PB for his 15 metre sprint away from a jump ball
Atbin: 4 points for yet another player, still confused as to why Ben couldn’t start.
White Q: 12 Points, 1 terrible celebration after hitting his first 3 of the game.
Ben: 2 points, half litre of sweat on Varv’s phone, already planning to register for the winter season by Round 7.
Elmo: 6 Points, 1 “crunch time” shot into the side of the backboard from the corner, 1 regretful chat message sent.

By David Williams