Division 1 Women- Round 1 vs Southern 7.50pm at Morphett Vale – Winners 95 to 38

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Maddi Veitch

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Round 1 saw the Blacks women travel south to take on the Tigers. The girls arrived eager to get on court and get the game started with exception of one, who ran to her usual clock, with Yas ‘Tardy’ Gill making a perfectly timed arrival during warm ups.
We couldn’t help but notice that up the other end the Tigers only had one or two players buzzing around and they didn’t bother with warm ups… they had us worried it might have been a wasted trip up the expressway. We started the game with them only having 4 and the 5th arriving not too long after the start. Great for us, as we started to hit our stride.
We blitzed them in the opening term 29-11, and continued our domination into the second, leading at half time 49-17. A great start for a group that hadn’t played together before.
Evie ‘Pokemon’ Lovell (see what I did there…), although nervous, had a great first game, proving to be the handy recruit we were looking for, stepping into the Thommo/Tree role nicely, all over them in defence and knocking down the open shots in offence. Watch this space as she hopefully evolves into an integral member of our team.
Our bigs were dominate all night, with Laura, Hayley, Dani and Gabbi making the Tigers earn every shot and not giving them the chance to get any boards. Even in offence they toyed with the Tigers and doubled their own stats, with Gator finishing with 15, Baby Huey 14 and Halo 13.
I couldn’t hit the side of a barn, showing too many holidays and not enough basketball over the summer isn’t the best preparation for game 1, and while I took my quota of shots finishing with 15, even the most open ones Flexi Lexi chose to give to someone else… luckily she made up for it with some great defensive stops and a couple of nice fast break points.
Jaz and Yas, I am pretty sure I get their names mixed up and every time I try to cheer them on it sounds more like ‘Jyas’, had solid games. Tardy was fearsome up the court putting pressure on the Tiger guards and creating plenty of steals, while Miles knocked down some great shots to finish with the game with a handy 14.
Super Coach Tuz was his normal cool, calm self, keeping us on task despite the growing margin and an opposition that was fast running out of steam. As their 5 ran up and down the court all game Tuz had the pleasure of rotating 9 of us through so we ran out the game with fresh legs, closing the game out with a 30-10 final quarter, and a final margin of 95 to 38.
Looking forward to taking some of our first game form and spread of scorers into round 2, where we come up against our great rivals of the past few years in Centrals. Bring it on. Go Blacks!

By Tam Walker