Division 1 Women- Round 2 vs Centrals at Hilcrest – Winners 68-62

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Maddi Veitch

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Round 2 saw the Blacks ladies travel to the other end of the earth this time to take on their long-term rivals in the Central District Lions at Hilcrest stadium.
While myself, Tex Walker, and Kamikaze Lexi struggled with traffic to get out there, the rest of the group were all nice and early and ready to go – yes, even Yas ‘Tardy’ Gill, well so I am to believe...
Always excited to play, Dani ‘Eager Beaver’ Bator ripped off her warm up top only to reveal she wasn’t quite ready… and had to scramble ever so quickly to put on her playing top. Luckily this was a good omen as she had a game to remember.
The game started well for the Blacks gathering a quick lead as Centrals turned the ball over multiple times straight into my hands, allowing us to have a couple of quick layups to start the game, edging out to 14-6. Things were looking good as we finished the quarter 17-12.
It all fell apart a bit for the Blacks though as we missed shots and had a few turnovers allowing Centrals some easy layups up the other end, not to mention a foul count that was 7-3 at quarter time and 5-1 in the second quarter. I’m not one to complain about the refs, they do a wonderful job, but a quick conversation with the court supervisor and things suddenly changed back to the normal bang and crash div 3, I mean div 1 basketball…. well for most anyway. I managed to sneeze on a player and get a foul so needless to say the young umpire out there was not my biggest fan. Even with everything going wrong we finished the half up 33-26 which was a credit to our group.
The third was a real struggle, closing it out with 49 a piece and we had a game on our hands. Much different from the blow out the week before. Luckily Super Coach Tuz hasn’t got the full flowing beard going on or he may have been tearing it out with some of our decision making….
The final quarter saw us get back to our fast-paced ways, stretching out to a lead early. As mentioned earlier I sneezed and picked up some fouls, so unfortunately I fouled out early in the third not knowing I had picked up more than is allowed….with Tammy ‘The Hitman’ Walker out of the game early we needed some girls to stand up and stand up they did.
The team managed to hold the lead, with Evie ‘Pokemon’ Lovell certainly evolving this week into Vaporeon, as she managed to stop Centrals main player at every turn, while knocking down 10 herself at the other end. Jaz aka Miles, hit some lovely shots in the final quarter, finishing with 10 and helping to run the ship while I sat on the pine. Kamikaze Lexi also ran the ball well in the last, while freaking out Tuz with every pass, she made some great defensive stops and turned them into quick scores. Tardy Gill again played some fantastic defence, shaking some early nerves to finish with a great last quarter.
Our bigs were again monsters on the boards, even against much more even opponents this week, with Eager Beaver Dani pulling down all in her path and throwing herself on the floor finishing with 9 points herself, but her efforts were worth much more than that. Hayley ‘Hail Storm’ Van Rossen again showed how hard she has worked over the preseason, pulling down boards and knocking down 13 herself in another breakout game. Laura aka Baby Huey was big all game hitting 8 points, including some real clutch shots down the stretch. This week we added Jess ‘Simon’ Gianquitto (Simon & Garfunkel for you young ones) into the line-up who, although nervous early, played an important part in stopping Centrals bigs.
We managed to hold the Lions off with an important 68-62 win in the end, a great hard fought win. Now with a week off we look to travel West out to Port Adelaide to take on the Eagles. Go Blacks!

By Tam Walker