Division 1 Women- Round 7 vs Norwood Flames at Marion - Winners 82-44

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Maddi Veitch

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Adelaide University (82) vs Norwood Flames (44) – 7.50pm at Marion

This week was the Grand Final replay between the Blacks Ladies and the Norwood Flames.

We were lucky enough to have one of the longest warmups in Div3/1 history and even luckier to witness the awesomeness that was Evie’s warm up attire in full in gangsta get-up. Little did we know about the true identity of our favourite Pokemon. It was the awakening of a new, long lasting nickname, the Gangsta.

Despite the amusement of the warm ups the Blacks ladies came to play up 17-12 at the end of the first quarter. The second quarter again proved to be our best, playing some excellent team basketball to push the score out to 41-21 at the end of the first half, including yours truly finally hitting a buzzer beater – what better way to find my range, not to mention Super Coach Tuz stating ‘about time’…

We finally managed to put in the third quarter we are capable of, stretching the lead out to 61-35, meaning we had a full head of steam going into the last.

The last quarter saw Hailstorm Hayley and Eager Beaver Dani foul out, with Luke enforcing their departure from the score bench with a ‘five fouls she’s off’’. Both having a great game again, dominating the boards as they have every game so far this season.

Jaz ‘Bee-sting’ Moyle and Lexi ‘Kamikazee’ Atkins had their best games for the Blacks, Bee-sting second top scoring with 17, including 3 threes, and Kamikazee finishing with 8, but with the potential to score plenty more, terrorising the Norwood guards up the court all game.

Tammy Turtle finally relaxed and found some range, finishing with 25, including 5 threes, and our favourite Pokemon Evie, or is it ‘Stevie’ the epic song, or aka Gangsta, had another great game hitting 15, and just like Flexi Lexi had the potential to hit plenty more.

Next week we take on West at Port Adelaide. Bring it on.

Go Blacks!