Division 4 Men- Round 7 vs Southern 1 at Marion - Winners 49-42

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The Game

Nothing good comes easy and the Adelaide Uni division 4 team is testament to this. Wednesday saw us take on Southern 1 at Marion. The first quarter saw great ball movement and timely shooting by Matt W and Tuz, to have us even at the first bell.

The second quarter was puzzling, just ask Alan, who picked up his 2nd, and 3rd foul in back to back plays where he made no contact with the opposing guard. Here is where old heads and a young kid called Matt V held the group together. That hard work and a focus on the defensive end held us within striking distance, down 4pts at the half.

An early foul on Alan (yep his forth) had him fuming and Matt V back on court. Led by Dan, and a Mike P finger roll that brought back memories of Doctor J, we fought our way back from 8pts down in the 3rd to tie it up with 2 minutes to play.

After an Adelaide Uni time out with 1minute and 45 seconds on the clock, we were awesome. Three euro style perimeter jump shots by Dan capped off great ball movement and team chemistry to put Southern 1 away for good.

Player Intros

Our Guards:
Tuz, our rock. He really is a rock. I have seen guys twice his size just bounce off of him. Alan, the guy that makes everyone on our team stop and think “are we really that old”. These grown men work so well together on court, they’re like concrete in a washing machine!!! Then there is Richard, the quiet mouse. Could some-one annoy him so I can hear what his voice sounds like? Oh and yes cheekily fast!

The Forwards:
Matt W, father time has not been kind to this man. He has dedicated his life to this club, 16 years and counting! Hat off to ya Matt. The basketball brain is still there and he’s got a story about everyone that has ever played for the club. I’d bet a house that he can make that left elbow high jump shot each game like his best friend Carmelo, but that’s about it.

Benny, our Draymond Green/Lance Stephenson. Ya gotta hate playing against him, but as a team mate, ya gotta love him. He talks a big game and gets the rest of the team to back up his guarantees.

Mike, the white knight. A guy who states he will play into his 60s, and runs around on court like a chicken without a head.

Shelvin, he’s cool, oh wait he aint playing this week? Maybe next week then.

The Centre:
Dan the man. I’ve known Dan for 19 years and each year he seems to hold that shooting hand up higher and for longer after hitting a jump shot like he is Patrick Ewing in his glory days.

The Coach:
Division 6 League MVP to coach these clowns. Father time kicked my butt. I wish I was tough enough to play but I’m soft and cant be happier to be coach these guys above!

By Peter Waller