Membership Cost

We welcome anyone who is intested in join the club to attend a free 'Come and Try' session. If you would like to keep participating with the club, you will need to join as a member.
The Club membership is $50 for a 12 month annual membership fee for all members.

Please note: AU Sport Membership is a requirement for all members:
- AU Student Membership at $0.00 (For AU Students ONLY)
- University Membership at $88 (For staff, AU graduates, other university students)
- Associate Membership at $88 (For those who have no link to a University)

To pay your fees, please click 'Join Now/Renew' and the system will prompt you to add all required memberships to your cart. 

Other Expenses

One-on-one coaching can cost extra, but this is negotiated between fencers and coaches. There are other costs involved with entering competitions and purchasing gear. Beginners are not expected to purchase their own gear until they have been fencing for a few years, though.