Stonefield Gliding Facility

602 Stonefield Road, Stonefield (just East of Truro)

Located just north of Truro in regional SA, you will find our Gliders soaring with the eagles in SA's skies.


Stonefield, 16km past Truro on the Sturt Highway, approximately 110 km north-east of Adelaide. Turn left off the Highway onto a dirt road just after the 'Blanchetown 30km' green sign. Continue through two intersections, the second of which is in Stonefield itself. Then look for the gate to the airfield on your right.


You can drive to the airfield yourself if you like. Otherwise, the Club organises a car pool from the Adelaide University footbridge. Just ring or email the contact person on 0412 870 963 or and ask if you're able to get a lift with someone. Once you're a trainee, you will have access to our online booking site and will then be able to coordinate transportation with other club members directly.