2018 Autumn Championships

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Norwood Morialta High School, 505 The Parade, MAGILL

Autumn Championship is Judo SA's premiere competition for 2018. Hosted by Kangaroo Judo Club, this events marks the start of the competition circuit for South Australian Judo. The event is open to all weight categories, across all age brackets, and always makes for a fun filled day on and off the mat.

Register your interest in competing at the event by signing up on the club notice board so everyone knows who to look for on game day. Don't forget to talk to our coaches prior so they can get you up to speed and match ready.

For more information on event details and weight category nominations check out the Judo SA website. While there ensure to download the event flyer, this has payment details and competitor requirements. If you cannot download we will have a copy at training.

Any questions that arise you are welcome to talk to the coaches at the club.

Notes to competitors:
- All players must be financial members of JFA or IJF-Affiliated.
- Minimum grade for entry us YON KYU (Orange belt)
- Entries must be received by Wednesday 28th February 2018.
- All judoka must have a blue and white gi (we may be able to wrangle some up at the club but cannot guarantee sizes).
- Nomination details are on the downloadable form here.