Club Challenge & Social - Semester 1

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(AUJC Thebarton Dojo) 5, Thebarton Sports Centre, Thebarton Campus, Winwood St, Thebarton SA 5031

Every AUJC member is welcome to join in on this event. On the day we set up a mat area as per an official competition with the only difference being nothing is at stake... well perhaps some pride.

We all are nervous when it comes to our first competition. However on Club Challenge Day you can put those nerves aside because you will be matched with a familiar face in an enjoyable battle for bragging rights.

Unlike an "official competition" our coaches will take this opportunity to step in during the match to teach everyone about the rules of competition judo. They may even whisper some sage advice in the heat of the moment so you can turn the tide on your opponent. This always makes for a great conversation point as we all head out together afterwards for some well earned Rest and Relaxation.

Therefore with all bets off why not stick to that tried but true saying and "Throw Yourself In?"