An AUJC Winter is Comming

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Richard Lewis

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It has been a solid training period following on from AUJC's success at the Autumn Championships in the lead up to the Winter Competition.

In the spirit of AUJC, a group of our alumni banded together to provide members with their experience and knowledge to better prepare our members for competition judo. It is actions such as these that highlight the club's status as a positive and committed member of the sporting community, a sentiment which has reverberated around the globe with students traveling all the way from Norway to learn form our experienced coaches and members.

The intensive training over the past few months has not just been restricted our competition players as members have been meticulously improving their technical components in preparation for their grading. A special note is that the club has two representatives eligible for their black belt grades, Chris and Danijel. From the their attention to detail and intense study of sport and traditional judo they look to be well prepared and we wish them all the best!