AU Judo Club's Massive May

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Richard Lewis

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Excitement and team spirit ran rampant at the AU Judo Club this May as there was so much for our members to get stuck into. Judo experiences on offer included Club Gradings, Winter Championships and the celebration of two dedicated judoka achieving their Shodan rank. Combine this with the ongoing preparations for the Australian Judo Nationals, where Meera and Amy will be competing, May really was a massive month for AUJC.

The May Club Grading has been a focus point for many members on their pathway to progress their judo abilities. A total of 20 members (with many more eligible) demonstrated their technical ability on Grading Day at Thebarton Dojo. Nerves were high for some but it was obvious that the time spent on their throws and movements would pay off. As is tradition at AUJC, senior grades who passed their requirements handed down belts to those able to take the rank. This process is a symbol of Jita-Kyoei (the principle of harmony and cooperation), an important principal in Judo as technical development relies on cooperation in such a way that a person's work benefits not only themselves but those they train with. Needless to say the grading was a great success with smiles and laughter all around following the conclusion of the formal event.

[Click here to see photos from the Club Grading]

The Winter Championships were also a focal point this May, with AUJC managing to secure podium finishes in all the categories members entered. A special mention goes to Marinko who came back from one Wazari down with a perfectly timed Sukui nage to counter his opponent for ippon and taking out a medal in the U81s.

[ Click here to see photos from the Winter Championships ]

This May also saw two dedicated Judoka, Chris and Danijel, aspire to obtain the rank of Shodan and receive their black belts, a feat only a few people achieve in their lifetime. The pair had been preparing for their examination together for many months, continuously tweaking movements and testing each others knowledge of judo. The duos rigorous attention to detail and aspiration to impress the grading panel , even with an injury in the mix come examination day, both Chris and Danijel were presented with their new ranks of Shodan.

[ Click here to see photos from the Dan Grading ]

The end of May also indicated that the much anticipated Australian Judo Nationals were only a few sleeps away. This year both Meera and Amy will be competing in the Ju no kata for which they have been perfecting their form at every training possible (and it shows too!). In addition to the kata, Amy has also entered into the Shiai at Nationals this year! We wish both Meera and Amy all the best at the National Championships!

With a month that has been this big and successful for AU Judo Club as this May, we would like to thank those who continue to make it all possible. In particular we thank Sensei Headland for his teachings, the instructors and Dan grades for their guidance, the volunteers helping run events, and of course, all our members who uphold the values of the club.

Bring on an equally impressive June!