Club Gradings and Your Black Belt

Club Gradings and Your Black Belt

Club Grading and Your Black Belt

Adelaide University Judo Club adopts the judo rank system, of coloured belts, to represent a progression of learning with a syllabus and a corresponding grade.

The Adelaide University Judo Club will set you on a program to achieve your Black Belt. Coaches will guide members thorough the JFA grade syllabus ensuring diplomas from instructional grades are recognised. Members will then be instructed on requirements to obtain your First Black Belt from the First Black Belt Martial Art.

Club Grades

Adelaide University Judo Club provides two grading sessions per year at the conclusion of Semester 1 and Semester 2. At these events members who have completed requirements are eligible to progress to the next coloured belt and receive their world diploma through JFA. Ensure you keep your diplomas in a safe place as they be reviewed as part of your Black Belt grading.

These events are usually followed up with members proceeding to enjoy a less formal style of celebration.

On the day

Ensure you have completed all required training before you attend the grading. Members are invited to come early to help with setting up and tidying up the club. A warm up will be carried out as per usual trainings and then the grading will commence.

Black Belt Grades (Sho Dan)

Members who have fulfilled requirements to undertake a black belt (sho dan) grading are required to provide necessary information to the JFA before the grading date. Links to the JFA website can be found under Affiliations.