Throw Yourself Into Judo

Invigorate your mind and body while studying by joining the largest senior judo club in South Australia, the Adelaide University Judo Club, as a fully-fledged member!

The Adelaide University Judo Club welcomes enthusiastic members of all skill levels to join in the fun of picking someone up, and then, throwing them back down. Those who are new to judo (or martial arts in general) will learn the fundamental skills from a dedicated coaching team, and in the meantime, work towards grading via the Judo Federation Australia system and recognised throughout the world.

Players who are familiar with the sport can hone their skills under the guidance of coaches who have represented at State, National and International levels across various shiai and kata categories. Members who are up for challenging themselves can even get involved with the many competitions hosted by the club and Judo SA and the JFA as long as a current association membership is held.

How to become a member 

To train at any Adelaide University Sports Club, you must have a current Adelaide University Sport Membership. If you join another AU Sports Club, you will already have this membership and do not need to purchase it again.

To be a financial member of Adelaide University Judo Club, you must maintain a JudoSA annual membership. Your JudoSA membership provides your affiliation with the International Judo Federation and is required for accreditation of your grading.

And finally, to train with the Adelaide University Judo Club, it is necessary to pay our Club Training Fee, or Mat Fees. An Annual membership can either be paid for the full year or our online registration process will allow you to establish a monthly subscription for 12 months.

It is important that all three memberships are maintained and paid for annually.

Note: Both the AU Sport and the JudoSA memberships must be current to recieve the 2x FREE session offered by AUJC.

To start the registration process, simply click "Join or Renew" and follow the prompts. Once you have completed the AU Sports registration and are logged in, click on the "Complete your AU Judo Club registration" button in the top right menu.

Training Fees for 2018

Members who intend to continue training after the 2x FREE sessions period will be required purchase an annual training fee.