Membership Fees

Fees & Memberships

Adelaide University Kendo Club offers 2 types of memberships
1. Adelaide University Student Memberhip
2. Associate Memberships (Non-university students/public)

Beginners Course
$110 (5 Week Basic Beginners Course - Includes Free Shinai)
Secondary Payment to Complete Full Club Membership
(This option is available if you wish to continue to train with the club)

$90 (Adelaide Univserity Students)
$67 (Non-Students/General Public) + $88 AU Sports Membership = $155

Please click “Join or Renew” button on the menu
to process and pay

AUKC Full Membership & Renewals
$190 per annum for all University Students*
$255 per annum for all Non-University Students*

Full Student and Associate Memberships are valid for 12 months and allows access and training with other SAKA associated clubs

(*This includes:SAKA/AKR association fees, Adelaide University Sport membership fees and insurance)