2019 Fee Structure

Your annual fees cover competition entry for the winter season, Lacrosse SA insurance, and gear and uniform hire (if needed). First year players also recieve a free training top with their payment.


University of Adelaide students get a significant discount on fees, and first year players also get a discount in the first year. Refer to the table below for a breakdown of fees for new and returning players. Non University of Adelaide Students are also required to pay a fee to AU Sport, this fee covers the costs of grounds maintenance, staffing, grant funding and administration fees that are paid by AU Sport.

AU Fee Club Total
Fees 2019 Compulsory $
New Adelaide Uni Student 0 280 280
Returning Adelaide Uni Student 0 330 330
New Non-Adelaide Uni Student (+ $88 Affilliation Fee) 88 330 436
Returning Non-Adelaide Uni Student (+ $88 Affilliation Fee) 88 330 436

If you are a junior player (under 18 as of 1st March 2019) fees are $165 (plus AU sport insurance of $22). If you are not able to play more than 1/2 the season, or are not able to pay full fees upfront there are payment plans avaliable upon discussion with our treasurer. Email lacrosse@theblacks.com.au to work out the specifics on a case-by-case basis. Fees paid after the 30th of March will incur an additional $20 Lacrosse SA administration fee. There are also options to reduce the fees paid as per the image below: