AUNC Advanced Merch Pack (Windbreaker)


AUNC Advanced Merch Pack (Windbreaker)

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This pack includes playing dress, socks and windbreaker

  • $145.00
  • $155.00

Club Merchandise


AUNC Advanced Merch Pack (Windbreaker)

Save $10 by purchasing your playing dress, windbreaker and socks together with our advanced pack.

We will have these items to try on for size at all trainings. 

PLEASE NOTE When selecting your dress size on Collection Night, keep in mind that the AMND has strict rules regarding dress length. Playing shorts are not to be longer than the length of the dress i.e. you're not meant to be able to see your shorts poking out the bottom). Dresses often ride up when playing, so keep all of this in mind when selecting your dress size.