About Rugby

About Rugby


The Sport of Rugby - How it Works

Rugby is a contact sport that consists of 2 teams of 15 players using carries, passing, and kicking to get the ball grounded in the end zone to outscore the opposition.

Passes must travel backwards, so to get past you opposition you will need a combination of strength, agility, intelligence, and team coordination. Alternatively to running around or through your opposition, you can kick the ball, to gamble possession for field position or a chance to attain possession past the defensive line. the 15 players are divided into forwards and backs. The 'forwards' tend to be larger and stronger, with a focus on securing possession, grinding up the pitch for field position, and restarting play with 'set piece'. The 'backs' utalise, speed, agility, and ball handling skills to exploit weaknesses in the oppositions defence to cover more ground and create scoring opportunities. Within the forwards and backs, there are individual positions which all favour different body types and skill sets. There is literally a position for everyone in rugby.

Lineout's: These occur to restart the game after the ball goes out of the field of play. The forwards of each team will line up in single file parallel lines. The advantaged team will then throw the ball between them, and each team will hoist player into the air to try and grab the ball.

Scrum: Each teams forward pack will piece together to form a structure, which will then push directly against each other in a battle of strength to try gather the ball that has been placed directly between them. The ' Hooker' of each team will try to assist in gaining possession by using their feet to roll the ball through to the back of the scrum. Scrums occur as a way to restart play.

Ruck: After a player is tackled, each team will go into a fight to gain possession of the ball. Player will enter the ruck above the tackled player from their respective sides of the pitch. The offensive team is trying to protect the ball from being picked up. The defensive team is trying to clear out any opposing players so that the ball is left unguarded and free to pick up.



Try: 5 points: Scored when the ball is grounded in the opposition end zone.
Conversion: 2 Points: After a try is scored, the scoring team will be given a chance to take placed kick in line with where the try was scored. If the kick passes through the posts, then 2 additional points are awarded.
Field goal: 3 Points: There are 2 ways to score a field goal. 1) when a penalty is awarded, the advantaged team may elect to take a placed kick from where the penalty occurred. 2) During play, a player may attempt a dropkick the ball between to the posts.



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