Underwater Rugby Australian Champs

Underwater Rugby Australian Champs

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The Australian Championship in UNDERWATER RUGBY will be held in Adelaide for the first time! The “White Pointers” from Adelaide University Scuba Diving Club is competing against nine teams from interstate.

The “White Pointers” Underwater Rugby Team has been preparing hard for the yearly Australian Championship that will be held at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre during the last weekend of May (25-27th). This is very exciting for the White Pointers as it’s the first time they will play on home ground and they have both have a mixed and for the first time, a female team competing.

More than 150 players from all over Australia will compete at this event – there are 10 mixed and five female teams in total. Excitingly, this is the first female competition at Nationals, as the number of female players is rapidly growing here in Australia. As a nation passionate about swimming and rugby, it is no surprise that Underwater Rugby (UWR) has taken off this fast. Since its introduction in 2007 there are now teams in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Canberra, Perth, Port Lincoln and Adelaide.

UWR is a three dimensional, fast-paced contact sport played in a 3.5-5m deep pool. The game involves two teams of 12 players each, two weighted metal buckets (for goals) at the bottom of the pool and one slightly heavy ball (filled with salt water) that can be passed in any direction. Players wear a mask, snorkel and fins. They try to keep possession of the ball while tackling the opponents underwater. It’s all about outsmarting the enemy by using speed, skill and maneuverability, and the then score by putting the ball into the opposition’s goal.

The Adelaide White Pointers Underwater Rugby Team train every Monday and Thursday night from 6.30pm at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre. They highly encourage people to come and try, as it’s a sport that can be played by everyone regardless shape and size. It’s a dynamic workout that improves the player’s fitness, strength and agility.

For more information about Adelaide University Scuba Diving Club and underwater rugby please follow this link: https://www.adelaidescuba.com/