Membership and Prices


To join the Adelaide University Swimming club at any of its activities (excluding social events), you will need to click on the 'JOIN OR RENEW' button. This will lead you to buy membership for the AU Swimming Club. 

Membership Prices

  • During O'Week (DISCOUNT!): $30

  • After O'Week: $35

What does membership include?

AUSC membership includes:

  • A FREE silicon AUSC swimming cap

  • Coaching on Wednesdays and Fridays

  • SUBSIDISED entry fees to the swimming pool

AU Sport Membership

As part of the AU Swimming Club membership you will ALSO need to buy the AU Sport membership. The AU Sport membership is free for University of Adelaide students.
These are the types of AU Sport memberships that you can buy:

  • AU Students only (free of charge)

  • Associate Member ($88, for anyone who has NO links to the University of Adelaide, e.g. UniSA or Flinders students, or individuals)

  • University Member ($88, for staff and graduates)

  • ​Junior Member ($22, if you are under 18)

How to join online?

See this PDF document for detailed screenshots with explanations on how the online registration process works.

  1. Click on 'JOIN OR RENEW'.

  2. Select 'Adelaide University Swimming Club 2018' to join the group.

  3. Follow the steps to buy AUSC membership and your relevant AU Sport membership.

  4. After joining, you can choose to buy a 10 Multi-Pass from our online store or to purchase the Learn To Swim program package.

Entry Fees to the Swimming Pool

In addition to the membership you will have to pay DISCOUNTED entry fees for the swimming pool to the AUSC:

  • Casual Entry = $5

  • 10 Multi-Pass = $40

Come & Try Session​

Not sure whether you want to join the club? Use our Come & Try offer!

Everyone can join in and try the regular swimming training without needing membership for their first session. What that means is you just need to pay general entry into the pool of $3 to us (as we discount this for you too).

  • Come & Try = $3


We ask that all people who come for the Come & Try swimming session have: 

  • basic knowledge of the three main strokes (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke).

  •  The ability to swim 200m (8 laps of a 25m pool) non-stop.