Membership is open to anyone, not just Adelaide University students. Those, who would are interested in joining, are welcome to treat their first session as a 'Come and Try' but an AUTTC member should be present.

Once you become a member, the equipment may be used at any of our booked times and you are more than welcome to arrange a hit with other members. It is expected that all members and visitors to the club follow the '**AUTTC Code of Behaviour**' and follow the club's procedures for using the room. 

To join the AUTTC, please click create an account on the site, 'Join Now' from our home page and follow the prompts. You will be required to purchase AU Sport membership at the same time. 


The AUTTC fees are set at $20 per year (January 1 until December 31) for AU Students. For non AU Students, the fee is still $20 but you will also need to pay the AU Sport Membership fee of $88. Therefore, your total joining fee will be $108.

The AU Sport membership fee covers you for insurance if an injury were to occur and is standard for all AU Sports Clubs.