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Joining a club and volunteering your time in a leadership role not only benefits the club but it helps you by providing you with skills and experience that future employers are looking for. The Adelaide University Lawn Tennis Club (AUTC) is looking for a group of people to assist in the manage the club long term. Key roles that need to be filled include President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Social Coordinator and Competition Manager.

That said, we understand that volunteering for such roles can be daunting so you can't commit to a key role, what about helping out with come of these short term roles and tasks:

- O Week Recruitment Officer
Main the club stall during University of Adelaide O Week stall and encourage potential new members

- Social Tennis Coordinator
Help by opening and setting up the courts on social nights and welcome those who arrive

- Social Media Officer
Help promote the club by contributing to the club's social media platforms

- Membership Officer
Be that first point of contact for members if they have any questions about the Club
Manage the Club's membership management system on the AU Sport website

- Social Events Coordinator
Organise social activities to be done away from the court

- Competition Manager
Promote and organise people to represent the club in social and competitive community competitions

Think "not what the club can do for you but what you can do for the club!"

If you are interested in taking up a management role please email tennis@theblacks.com.au for more information if you are interested.