We welcome anyone who is intested in join the club to attend a free 'Come and Try' session. If you would like to keep playing with the club, you will need to join as a member.

Social Membership Fees

You can choose to pay your membership as a full year membership or as two semester payments:

  • Full year membership = $50

  • Semester 1 membership = $30 (expires 31 June)

  • Semester 2 membership = $30 (expires 31 December)

Please note: AU Sport Membership is a requirement for ALL AU Tennis Club members (AU Students $0 / Non students $88).

To pay club fees, please click 'Join Now / Renew' to the left of the page. You will then have to complete the following process:

  1. Create an account on the website (if you don't have one already)

  2. Join the 'Membership' group

  3. Add to the membership product to your cart:

  4. Either the FULL year membership or Semester membership.

  5. Add to your cart the appropriate AU Sport Membership:
    - AU Student Membership at $0.00 (For AU Students ONLY)
    - University Membership at $88 (For staff, AU graduates, other university students)
    - Associate Membership at $88 (For those who have no link to a University)

  6. Agree to the AU Sport Code of Conduct

  7. Make payment

Note: This system will check if you already have one of the above AU Sport products with the club or another AU Sport Club.

If you have any issues during this process, please contact AU Sport on 8313 5403

Competition Membership Fees

This will depend in which competition your team decides to nominate. Please talk to AU Sport staff if interested