Adelaide University Touch Club

AUTC players come from a wide range of social and cultural backgrounds and, due to minimal contact, also have a relatively wide age profile - Touch is a great sport for anyone!


The Adelaide University Touch Club is the largest Touch (or Touch Football) club in South Australia, catering for Adelaide University students and non-students at all levels of experience and ability from complete beginners to players who compete in the National Touch League.


The AUTC committee and interested Club members met on the 15th July 2018 to discuss our current positioning as a Club and how we aim to progress forward in the next 5 years. A list of values was created to assist guiding the committee’s future decisions. Key performance areas were established to highlight the Club’s goals and future action to be taken.

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It seems that we've come to the end of 2018, and still in one piece? AUTC would like to thank all of our members for their continued enthusiasm and involvement. 2018 has been such an awesome year, but 2019 promises to be even awesomer!!!

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AUTC had great success in the City Touch Winter Competitions.

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