If you're new to the sport, a great place to start is the regional mixed social leagues on Monday evenings. In the south there is Flinders Ultimate Social League held at Flinders University. In the north, the new Northern Ultimate Social League is starting up at the Mawson Lakes Cricket Club. It's a great opportunity to meet new players as well as more experienced players who will guide you through how to play the game in a casual and fun environment.



City Social League is a mixed league rebooting on Friday evenings now at the Sam Johnson Reserve just a bit north of the city.



SAFDA State League is where all of the best players from South Australia. Held on Wednesday evenings at the Adelaide Lutheran Sports Club, the best men and women compete in separate leagues to determine the best club in the state.

For players looking to go further, they can join the state level teams Zig Theory (Division 1 womens), Valkyrie (Division 2 womens) and Outbreak (Division 1 and 2 mens) to complete in tournaments against the best teams from other states.