Adelaide University Wing Chun Kung Fu Club

Adelaide University Wing Chun Kung Fu Club

Beginners and experienced alike are invited to explore this intriguing martial art with us. Wing Chun kung fu brings self-defence skills, self-discipline, mental health, sports, and fitness to people of all ages and body types.


**An important message to all club members,
Due to the complications and risks posed to our activities by the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we have decided to convert our classes to an online, interactive video format in order to best protect our members and the broader community.

We will be making use of the Zoom webinar system ( to conduct classes until it is safe to recommence classes in person. The Zoom online classes are easy to participate in and allow students to continue to learn from our professional instructors in an interactive format. The online sessions will take place during the same periods as regular trainings: Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30pm.

Details on how to participate in these classes will follow shortly on Facebook and via email (links below).

As always, if you are experiencing any difficulties or have questions in regards to training or club matters, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via our Facebook page ( or via email at**

The club was started in 1971 by the late Jim Fung, a student of Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin. Jim Fung came to Australia to study accounting at the University of Adelaide where he started the club. Jim Fung was conferred the title of “Grandmaster“ in 1999. The club has since grown into its own thriving entity, teaching the full spectrum of this unique martial art to future generations with the support of the Australian Wing Chun Federation, being awarded the Jessop Shield for Club of the Year by AU Sport in 2014.

It is said that Wing Chun (endless spring-time) was founded approximately 300 years ago in Southern China. A Shaolin elder, Abbess Ng Mui, developed the style after witnessing a fight between a crane and a fox, and named the style after her student, Yim Wing Chun. Wing Chun was taught publicly for the first time in the mid 20th Century by Ip Man, who has become a well known figure in martial arts.

Typically characterised by simple, non-flamboyant movements and an emphasis on effectiveness, Wing Chun is valued both as a mental and physical disciplinary pursuit, and as a self defence system which does not rely on brute strength. Our classes equip the learner with tools that are easy to apply at an early level, but with a depth that will take many satisfying years to truly master. Our strong lineage, from Chu Shong Tin, Jim Fung, and the AWCF, is actually a warm community offering advanced training and sporting opportunities around Australia and the world.

We are a proud member of the Australian Wing Chun Federation and use the standard AWCF grading system.

Australian Wing Chun Federation Member


One of our long term students Xiaomin Huang (Mandy) levelled up at the end of 2019! She achieved a Level One grading at the interstate conference, and a Club Letter at the 111th Annual Blues Awards.

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AU Wing Chun Club cleaned up at the Adelaide University Sports Awards (The Blues) at the end of 2018. Some of you may have heard a few bits and bobs but I thought (as I reminisced over good memories) that I'd share some details.

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It was raining gold at the first ever Kung Fu Wushu State Champs for our Wing Chun Club

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