Wing Chun State Championships

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Tom Sharpe

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On the 29th of April the 1st Kung Fu Wushu State Championships were held at Pulteney Sports Centre. This was an excellent opportunity for the Adelaide University Wing Chun Kungfu Club to compete in our first official sporting event.

The club sent a team of six competitors covering sanda (combative) and taolu (performance and forms) kung fu events. The club was on top of the sanda events (the main focus), taking 3 gold and 2 silver medals in the fiery full contact divisions, and two silver medals in equally hard fought controlled contact categories. They also managed to grab a gold, silver and bronze in the southern style empty-hands taolu events, and two silvers for long weapon taolu.

There were some truly difficult challenges for the guys, but the team really came together and faced every challenge with uncanny resolve. Full credit to the many volunteers, Seth, Chris, Candice, Daniel(s), and Nancy, who helped with the event as judges, labour, corner coaches, and officials. Thanks must go to their Master Bingche Ye and his students for his outstanding efforts in organising the first of (hopefully) many championships to come. Most importantly a special thank you to their principal instructor, Seth Piszczuk, who’s experience and coaching made our many successes possible, and our losses worthwhile!