Wing Chun Looking Good @ Blues Awards

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Daniel Pitman

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AU Wing Chun Club cleaned up at the Adelaide University Sports Awards (The Blues) at the end of 2018. Some of you may have heard a few bits and bobs but I thought (as I reminisced over good memories) that I'd share some details.

The Club itself won the Jessop Shield (Club of the Year with < 50 members). Great work team!

Senior Instructor Seth Piszczuk won Elite Coach of the Year (was runner up last year too). His guidance towards competition, unceasing wisdom and instruction, and his own Level 4 grading achievements all contributing to the distinction.

Scarlett Groom Ransom won a coveted Blues Awards for her Level 1 achievement and her competition results. She is the first female to be distinguished with a blues award from our club's history and the fourth overall.

Peter Gambell, Daniel LaVista, and Instructor Chris Boyce received club letters (equivalent to a blues for non-student/alumni members) for their Level 1 and 2 achievements, and their unceasing contributions to the club.

Darren Cai and Sean Ni both were awarded Half Blues for outstanding results in competition and development.

I should mention that Chip won volunteer of the year last year, so in two years we have won just about every award we are eligible for. That shows, I believe, just what a sensational team we have here at the club.

Later on, at our own end-of-year shed-party, we distinguished Daniel Lavista as Senior of the Year, Harrison Lee for Discipline (most classes attended), and Kate Hills as Junior Member of the Year.