Interested in Starting Wing Chun?

Interested in Starting Wing Chun?

Any time is a good time to start, and there is no prerequisite.


So the first step (and sometimes the hardest) is to just rock up at 6:30pm on a Monday or a Wednesday night, with fitness or casual clothes and flat bottomed shoes (no high heels or boots).  Please do trim/clean your nails and remove any loose jewelry or rings.

In your  trial class, you just get to participate with our members and see what we do, ask questions, and get aquainted. We are very friendly, and there is little chance of a serious injury. If you like, you can contact us first to ask questions through this website. Some nights we divide up the classes into groups so that beginners and more advanced students can work at their level. This is especially true at the start of semester when we often have many new recruits.

After the class is over, our committee or instructors will be available to discuss joining, and answer any questions you might have. We highly reccomend joining our facebook.

There is no minimum requirements. You don't need to pass any tests or have preivous experience. If you don't feel fit or confident, don't worry, many regulars aren't either. There is no size limit either. Wing Chun is all about controlling someone stronger than you and it was designed with women in mind. Wing Chun is a realtively modern and very practical kung fu, with very few risky acrobatic moves and an emphasis on effectiveness. It is great for self defense! You can, in time, compete in Wushu events both formative and combative with us. Training opportunities with great exponents of the art around the country and the world will become available over time.

Wing Chun is a great journey, and you can take the first step with us this next Monday or Wednesday night.