The AU Sport Club Reporting Survey was introduced in 2012, with the purpose of collecting information from each club to track development from year to year. In a snapshot, the survey provides the following:
- Highlights to each club committee areas where you are doing well
- Highlights to each club committee areas that need addressing/improvement
- Helps AU Sport to identify areas where we can assist each club
- Assists AU Sport in making reccomendations for the Club of the Year Awards

The questions in the survey are formulated around what AU Sport and the industry see as "the ideal club". Each question helps to establish the direction that all clubs are encouraged to follow.

The survey must be completed annually by the club committee, with the results presented as a graph, listing what clubs have/have not achieved. This produces a visual comparison from year to year and is a useful tool for tracking improvements and developments within each club.

The survey can be completed online, however,  it must first be discussed at committee level. Clubs then have until 30 September to complete the survey. Clubs are encourage to discuss the survey early in the year, with the hope that it will highlight areas that can be addressed before 30 September.

Survey Link

A copy of the questions is available here but the survey needs to be completed online.