Welcome to The Blacks Clubhouse

There’s a lot of work involved in running a club, starting with organising the committee, coaches, officials, players and spectators. Then there’s the marketing and promotion of club activies, right through to the rules and regulations for AU Sport, member protection and risk management. It can seem overwhelming, but the AU Sport ‘Blacks Clubhouse’ can help with all these things...and more!

AU Sport is committed to working with its clubs to be better managed and sustainable, whilst being able to provide quality services to members and participants. For staff to be able to assist members sitting on club committees we do ask that you maintain a close liaison with AU Sport staff. This is generally done through the President, Secretary and Treasurer of the club.

AU Sport is continually developing and updating resources, including advice, how-tos, checklists and templates, in order to provide guidance and assistance on everything, from starting a new club through to sponsorship, fundraising and marketing. The following provides information for club committees about the responsibilities involved in managing an AU Sport club. Many of them are mandatory for a club to be nominated for ‘Club of the Year’.

AU Sport Structure

Currently, there is close to 40 AU Sport clubs and each club is a part of the AU Sport family. Each club committee should have an understanding of the aims of AU Sport, its structure and the roles of the AU Sport Council, AU Sport Board and AU Sport staff has in the operations of AU Sport.

AU Sport and its staff are here to provide help and assistance to the clubs in whatever form this may take. Please feel free to call into the AU Sport Office, Ground Floor George Murray Building (NE corner of the Cloisters).

Office hours: 9am – 5pm weekdays
Telephone: (08) 8313 5403
Fax: (08) 8232 1300

AU Sport Policies

There are a number of policies that AU Sport club committees need to make themselves aware of. They can be viewed and downloaded here.


There are a number of basic requirements that all AU Sport clubs must meet and many of them are mandatory for a ‘Club of the Year’ nomination. They are outlined for your understanding here.

Annual Club Check Up

(Due 30 September each year)

Every September, clubs are required to complete the Club Reporting Survey, which provides a snapshot of the health of AU Sport clubs. Club committees are encouraged to look over the survey at the start of the year to identify areas that they can focus on over the year before undertaking the survey in September.

This is a mandatory requirement for a ‘Club of the Year’ nomination.

Risk Management and Child Safe Environment

(Due 31 July each year)
We recognise that there are risks specific to every sport club affiliated with AU Sport and each club needs to addresses both the sport specific risks as well as risks common to many clubs including Child Safe Environments. Club committees are required, on an annual basis, to complete a Risk Management Audit, update their Risk Management Plan and provide a copy of their Audit and Plan to AU Sport.

AU Sport is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all young people and children accessing our services or our clubs; and all AU Sport clubs are required to address the issues around Child Safe Environments.

More information and templates are provided here.


(3 March and 25 August 2017)
All AU Sport clubs are allocated recurrent grant funding to assist them with basic club expenses. AU Sport also other grants to help with specific projects as part of the AU Sport Grant program.

Many other external organisations such as the Office for Recreation and Sport; offer grants for community groups and clubs at different times during the year. AU Sport clubs are encouraged to apply and seek assistance from AU Sport staff when drafting their application.

AU Sport Scholarships

(10 March 2017)
There are a number of sport scholarships available to club members and elite athletes through AU Sport and The University of Adelaide. Clubs are encouraged to promote these to their members.

AU Sport Awards

(5 May and 13 October 2017)
AU Sport provides a variety of sports awards for Clubs, coaches, students and athletes, including Blues Awards’, ‘Club of the Year’, 'Volunteer of the Year' and 'Coach of the Year'. Information on each of the awards, including nomination forms, can be viewed here.

Clubs can nominate club members for the Blues Awards twice a year and are asked to review their standards every 3-5 years.

Online Membership System and Club Webpage

The AU Sport Online Membership System can assist clubs to manage memberships and groups and sell products to club members.

All clubs are also required to maintain correct information on their club webpage. This is a mandatory requirement for a ‘Club of the Year’ nomination.


AU Sport Uniform Guidelines

The AU Sport Uniform Guidelines have been developed for affiliated clubs to refer to when designing club uniforms and merchandise. AU Sport is moving towards a unified look across all sports and at University Games.

AU Sport strongly encourages that the design of ALL AU Sport club uniforms and merchandise complies with the standards by 2016.

AU Sport Events

For a club to continue to be successful, it must recruit a regular supply of new members each year in order to provide longevity. Being involved with AU Sport recruitment events such as O Week, Clubs in the Hub and Re-O Week is an easy way to promote the club to students on campus.

Clubs are also asked to assist in the promotion and recruitment of athletes and teams for Australian University Sport (AUS) events such as Australian University Games, Southern University Games, University Championships and SA Challenge.

You can view the timetable of AU Sport events here, or email for more information.

Club Development and Leadership Program

We are pleased to provide opportunities to those in leadership positions at our clubs to develop their understanding of club management practices, as well as ways to develop their personal skills in a range of areas, such as conflict resolution.

Follow the link to discover what training opportunities will take place this year.

Club Resources

We understand that those in club management positions are volunteering their time. AU Sport is committed to developing and providing tools to assist those in these roles.

Click here to view a number of templates, cheat sheets and club development tools.

Industry Links

There are many other organisations that can be useful in providing information, training or advice for club development and AU Sport clubs are seek additional assistance from these organisations. We have listed these here for your pursual.