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SA Challenge Wrap

Posted By Mike Daws on 19/04/2017

With the final week of SA Challenge finishing up, we have let the dust settle and have tallied up the points and a winner has been declared.

AU had a successful couple of weeks taking out four of the eight pennants. In the first week of competition, Tennis and Lawn Bowls got AU off to a flying start, while Lacrosse missed the final by goal difference and in Beach Volleyball our best placing team finished a respectable third.

With a bit of work to do in Week 2 of the Challenge, Fast5 Netball got AU off to a flying start with our only team knocking off the two Flinders and two UniSA teams. Ultimate followed on from our Netballers and our ladies and gents had it in the bag after beginning the day undefeated and compiling an unattainable lead. Unfortunately, for the Squash team, they were not able to bring home the chocolates, with our best finisher winning the bronze.

Both UniSA and Flinders walked away with two pennants each for the two week competition. UniSA saw a strong start for the Challenge with a first and second placing in Lacrosse and in the second week of competition, taking out the first and second placings in Squash. Flinders shot out of the blocks by winning two pennants in the first week, dominating both Beach Volleyball and Badminton.

Unfortunately, for AU, due to the consistently strong UniSA team, UniSA pipped AU for the overall points total. For the points system, participation is the key, and even though AU won more pennants, UniSA was always sitting in second. UniSA had a strong performance in its two pennants, finishing first and second, while for Flinders pennants, it also sat in second place in those sports.

We hope to see stronger participation in 2018 so we can take the shield back!