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Adelaide Graduate Award

Posted By Sports Development Officer on 29/11/2017

In 2017, the University of Adelaide launched a pilot program called 'The Adelaide Graduate Award' The award was a free university-wide program to help students increase their employability by gaining experience, expanding their skills and extending themselves beyond their degree. Through the Award, the University will formally recognise the experiences you have outside of your academic coursework which contribute to your learning, success and employability.

AU Sport have recently found out that two club members (there could be more) have been honoured at the inaugural ceremony. Congratulations to Oliver Sainsbury (Basketball) and Tania Zebian (Ultimate) for your efforts.

After its success in 2017, the Adelaide Graduate Award will be open to all students enrolled in a University of Adelaide degree. For more information, please visit;

AU Sport had a chat to the two recently and they have had this to say.

Tania Zebian - "The opportunity to undertake the Adelaide Graduate Award (AGA) program whilst studying at the University of Adelaide has been an invaluable learning experience. One of the extra-curricular activities that I participated in across the AGA category of ‘Global, Cultural and Social’ was my position of Secretary at the Adelaide University Ultimate Frisbee Club (AUUFC). During this role, I worked collaboratively with the AUUFC board in conjunction with Adelaide University Sport to advocate for Ultimate Frisbee. As secretary, I developed my leadership, teamwork and initiative with organising monthly club meetings, planning agendas, and writing an annual report to the South Australian Flying Disc Association (SAFDA) of AUUFC’s amendments and achievements. From these experiences, my communication, academic writing, and problem-solving skills flourished as I became confident in adapting to complex situations (i.e. organising events within short notice). By being proactive in my role at the AUUFC and within the Ultimate community, not only has this contributed to achieving the award, but also it has extensively developed several transferable skills that will potentially enhance my employability prospects as a graduate teacher."

Oliver Sainsbury - "The Adelaide Graduate Award has helped me to realise skills that I have developed that would be valuable to potential future employers. I took the role of Treasurer for the Adelaide University Basketball Club for three years, which was classified as an activity associated with the University Community. During this time, I developed and improved on a number of skills necessary in the workplace, including professional communication to a range of audiences, attention to detail in financial auditing, and planning for income and expenses. Being Treasurer also meant that I was part of the Executive Committee, and so we all worked as a team to achieve shared goals, like planning and running club events, and updating the club to a new name (The Blacks) complete with new uniforms. Participating in the Adelaide Graduate Award has taught me to reflect on what I have learnt outside of the classroom, and how those lessons can benefit both myself and future employers. I am confident that the skills I have learned through my extracurricular activities will serve me well as a graduate engineer."