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Horace Lamb 422 Room, University of Adelaide, Adelaide

The University Sport Club Conference is an annual conference organised by the three South Australian University sport organisations and is aimed at providing club volunteers with ideas, knowledge and contacts to ensure that their club is ‘being sharp off the field, court, pool or mat’.

A number of excellent guest speakers will present and facilitate discussion on key club management areas, including:

Leadership - developing a team culture
Presenter: Andrew Fagan (CEO Adelaide Football Club)

In any club, professional or volunteer, there are a number of teams off field that need to come together to ensure the success of teams on the field. Andrew will share his insights on leadership, and managing others on how you can develop strategies in your club to build and bring administrative teams together.

Financial Management, learning from other's mistakes
Presenter: Tim White (Club Management Consultant, ORS Community Presenter)

All committee members are responsible for the finances of your club. It is not just the responsibility of the Treasurer. In this scenario-based session, Tim will put forward a number of real life club financial issues and ask how should these examples be managed in the future to ensure that your club is financially secure in the future.

Volunteering, How to turn volunteering in your club into a positive thing
Presenter: Kat Ingram (Keystone Sporting Solutions)

Kat aims to support sporting clubs though innovative products and services. She has a great understanding of managing volunteers and developed the Office for Recreation and Sport, V Star program. In this session, Kat will share ideas about how clubs can find, keep and reward today’s volunteers, who are time poor and may be reluctant to become involved.

Where to from here?
Presenter: Deanna Kennedy (Uni SA Sport Club and Participation Officer)

A warp up session that will provide ideas and strategies of how you can share, report and motivate others to implement some of the ideas and tasks identified throughout the day.

The Conference is supported by the Office of Recreation and Sport and Australian University Sport. University Sport club and non-University club administrators and volunteers are invited to attend.


Date: Tuesday 10 April

Time: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Location: Horace Lamb 422 Room, University of Adelaide, Adelaide.

Parking: Paid street parking

Cost: FREE for those who are members of a University Sport Club, $49 for non-University Sport Club. Registration includes lunch.

Registrations: Click here to register your spot now

There is no limitation to the number of people, who can attend from the one club, but there is a limitation on numbers for the overall conference so register now to ensure your club does not miss out.

Registrations close: Monday April 2 2018

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