Blues Award Winners

Blues Award Winners

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The second round of Blues Nominations have been assessed and AU Sport is happy to announce the recipients of Blues, Half Blues, Club Letters for Service and Competition as well as Service to University Sport. Congratulations to all below, they will join the first round recipients in accepting their awards at the 110th Annual Blues Awards, held at the National Wine Centre on Wednesday, 21 November.

Service to University Sport

The Service to University Sport award recognises people who have given an outstanding and highly commendable contribution to AU Sport, or to Sport at the University of Adelaide over a significant period of time. This award is regarded as a higher award than Club Letters in the case of club-based service.

Alex Reade (Soccer)


A Blue is awarded to UofA students, who are members of an AU Sport club and who have had outstanding performances at a state or national level.

Brian Wilson (Athletics)
Alex Fry (Boat)
Brodie Hand (Boat)
Tahlia Jones (Boat)
Cameron Natt (Boat)
Phoebe Pado (Boat)
Jack Tomich (Boat)
Sophie Edwards (Cycling)
Griffin Knight (Cycling)
Maeve Plouffe (Cycling)
Ben Adams (Football)
Nicole Collie (Football)
Ebony O’Dea (Football)
Georgia Taylor (Football)
Scarlett Groom-Ransom (Wing Chun)

Half Blue

Half Blue is awarded to UofA students, who are members of an AU Sport club, for achievement at a high level.

David Frigaard (Boat)
Lachlan Kirchner (Boat)
James Nicholas (Boat)
Peta Terrell (Boat)
Joanne Easson (Cycling)
Thomas Ralph (Rugby)
James Yip (Swimming)
Darren Cai (Wing Chun)
Sean Ni (Wing Chun)

Club Letters

Club Letters are awarded for significant service to an AU Sport club and for sporting achievement. 'Competition Letters' are present to those who have been recognised for their achievement at community level. 'Service Letters' are presented to those who have been involved with the club for a number of years and often filling volunteer roles.

Club Letters – Service
Rizvi Afraz (Cricket)
Adam Kimber (Cricket)
Robert O’Shannassy (Cricket)
Jason Turnbull (Cricket)
Andrew Edwards (Cycling)
Peter Abrey (Football)
Wayne Abrey (Football)
Sam Bridgwood (Football)
Darien O’Reilly (Football)
Simon Ritchie (Football)
Mark Ucinek (Hockey)
Erwin (Tai Yuen) Lam (Rifle)
Peter Hounsel (Rugby)
Matthew Mooney (Rugby)
Simon Redfern (Rugby)
Lachlan McAllister (Touch)
Joanna Richards (Touch)
Daniel La Vista (Wing Chun)

Club Letters – Competition
Liam Fitzpatrick (Athletics)
Rizvi Arfraz (Cricket)
Julie Culbert (Cricket)
Leanne Murray (Cricket)
Amber Shelton (Cricket)
Ben Wakim (Cricket)
Peter Wilson (Cricket)
Jazz Martin (Cycling)
Kelly Barltrop (Football)
Tess Baxter (Football)
Hamish Crouch (Football)
Michael Heath (Football)
Matthew Langridge (Football)
Peter Malinauskas (Football)
Ryan Marini (Football)
Aiden Offe (Football)
Todd Pfeiffer (Football)
Daniel Polkinghorne (Football)
Nigel Venning (Football)
Matilda Zander (Football)
Michaela Spano (Hockey)
Matthew Mooney (Rugby)
Jacob Davey (Soccer)
William Johnswood (Soccer)
Bastien Llamas (Soccer)
Jordan Blanco (Touch)
Joanna Richards (Touch)
Warwick Wilkinson (Touch)
Chris Boyce (Wing Chun)
Peter Gambell (Wing Chun)

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