2019 Scholarships Open

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A key motivation for applying for a scholarship from either AU Sport or the University of Adelaide is the financial assistance provided to play top-level sport and study. It is also an honour to know that the University and AU Sport recognise your achievements and value you as a member of our sporting community.

There are a number of scholarships available to University of Adelaide students who are also current AU Sport Club members:

• The Adelaide University Sport Scholarships
• The Charlie Jessop Sport Scholarship
• The Don Stranks Sport Scholarship
• The Bob Heddle Sport Scholarships
• The Bill Scammell Sport Scholarship
• AU Sport President Scholarships
• The Coopers Award

The value of each ranges from $1000 - $2500.

It is highly recommended that AU Sport Clubs promote the 'Presidents Scholarship' to any first-year student making enquires about joining their club. This Scholarship provides new students with the financial incentive to join and immerse themselves with ‘The Blacks’ culture and community.

The ‘Coopers Award’ is another interesting Scholarship to consider. This is a $1000 support for an AU Sport Club member – student or non-student to further develop their sport management and leadership skills.

More information about each Scholarship, including links to the application forms, can be found HERE.

Closing dates
8 March: University of Adelaide managed Scholarship
15 March: all other sports Scholarships that are managed by AU Sport

Image: Nick Winter, Adelaide Strikers player, AU Cricket Club member and 2018 Don Stranks Scholarship Holder