2019 Successful Club Grants - Round 1

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Jahan Emery

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Adelaide University Sport would like to congratulate the successful applicants for our Club Grants in 2019. We received applications requesting almost $100,000 in this first round with $67,000 available for both round 1 and 2 in 2019, and a significant amount of time was spent reviewing these applications.

Grants were awarded to 12 clubs for a variety of projects focusing on club development through training of coaches and volunteers, elite sport coaching and training, equipment and travel assistance for elite athletes travelling for national competitions.

We spoke with Tess Baxter from the Adelaide University Football Club about the importance these grants have on Adelaide University Sporting clubs. "Adelaide University Sport club grants are invaluable to our football club. We are a community which prides itself on playing 'for the love of the game' and we do not pay our players in any grade. This is unusual in our competition, especially for a Division 1 club. Whilst we do not pay our players we strive to develop them as both footballers and people."

Tess believes the biggest benefit to her club has been the funding to support coaching. "Developing our players on-field requires us to recruit qualified coaching staff. This year we were fortunate to be successful applicants for contributions towards both A grade coaches through the Elite Athlete Program. Through recruiting and retaining coaching staff of a high quality, we can assure our players that they will be driven to be the best that they can be each year. We strive to be a genuine pathway to the SANFL, SANFLW and the AFLW. We were also successful in our application for a Club Development grant, allowing us to appoint a Director of Coaching for both our men's and women's competitions. With nine teams we rely heavily on volunteer coaches in our remaining grades. With the introduction of Coaching Directors we can ensure we continue to grow not only our players but our coaching staff."

Tess says funding in the coaching department is vital to helping and rewarding volunteers, an essential element to any successful club. "Each year we have valued playing members and long-term volunteers like Julie Power (pictured) step up to coach. The Club Development grant will ensure that Julie has the support she needs to succeed in her new role as our Women's C Grade head coach. We are also hopeful that with this increased level of support for our coaches, we will be able to retain them as long-term members of our coaching staff."

If your Adelaide University Sport club did not apply this round, there is the opportunity to do so in the second round in August. Those interested should look at the Grant Handbook which is available here and talk to Sara Lane, our Sports Development Officer.