2019 Successful Club Grants - Round 2

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Jahan Emery

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Adelaide University Sport would like to congratulate the successful applicants for our second round of Club Grants in 2019. Grants were awarded to seven different clubs for a variety of projects focusing on development, elite sport and resources. These clubs were our Adelaide University Volleyball, Mountain, Rugby, Cycling, Kendo, Touch and Boat clubs. This round of funding will mainly go towards coach development and equipment upgrades, two essential elements to growing into and maintaining a competitive and sustainable club.

We had a chat with Adelaide University Volleyball Club (AUVC) President Thomas Barone about the importance and impact of our Club Grants after their successful application for grants this round.

Thomas was quick to highlight that these grants are helpful in maintaining the long term development of their club. "Grants are incredibly important to the success and development of a community sports club. Without grants it can be tough to justify costs that don't provide immediate benefit to players."

AUVC applied for the grants to help with not just one, but a number of projects. "We applied for the Club Grants grants for a few reasons. First was to support our Junior program by encouraging development of our coaches. We were able to use the grant money to pay for state accredited coaching courses. In addition to that, the Club owns volleyballs are all quite expensive and don't lend well to running events outdoors. We wanted a more diverse set of balls that would let us run outside grass and beach sessions without damaging expensive equipment."

In addition to updating resources for their events, there can also be external decisions that affect the need for new equipment. "The FIVB (Fédération Internationale de Volleyball) standard has recently changed with a new ball design, so in the spirit of keeping up with the latest in volleyball we decided to get a set of the new design. Players need to be able to use equipment they'd be expected to use should they choose to go down a competitive pathway."

Grant money will also be going towards increasing awareness of their club through merchandise. "We wanted to develop our brand, our first step being a set of AUVC shirts provided to coaches across the club."

Thomas believes at the end of the day, it's all about providing a positive and meaningful experience to club members. "The priority for us has always been to deliver the best sporting experience to our members, and Club Grants can help us develop coaches, maintain equipment and provide events and merchandise, all those that make being part of a sporting club so great.

If your Adelaide University Sport club did not apply for this round of Club Grants, there is the opportunity to do so in 2020. Those interested should look at the Grant Handbook which is available here.