Division 2 Women (40) defeated SA Church Stars (35) in Round 3

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Elese Wolstencroft

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Division 2 Women (40) defeated SA Church Stars (35) in Round 3

A later game than we are used to had the coach walking into Hillcrest stadium to find an
almost full complement of players dressed and ready for the game. A quick check of the
phone showed that Roxy Wen was kept late at work but was on her way.
The ladies were eager spectators of the div 3 and div 4 men’s games being played as the
7.30pm curtain raisers. The div 4 game was watched with a keen eye to see if coach Tuz’s
skills were up to his coaching ability. A close game saw our boys take the win 50-46 over
Central Districts.
The other court had the div 3 men caught in a nail biter, which came down to a frantic final
10 second set play to snatch an unlikely victory. Despite their best efforts, the shot bounced
off the rim with the lads going down by one point to the SA Church Stars.
With the narrow loss firmly in their minds, the girls started the game against the SA Church
Stars looking for redemption.
The opening ball up saw Maddi Veitch take advantage of her height with a clear tap forward
clearing the other players. Kebbie Brown was quick to collect the ball and make the easy
layup almost before Bobo had a chance to start the clock.
The quick start continued for the next six minutes with a few fast breaks and some sharp
shooting from Ella Obst and Tash Ormay giving the team a 10-2 lead.
With Chloe Anderson out for the game due to an old injury, we had only one player on the
bench. The temperature and extreme humidity in the stadium (50 degrees at least) started
to take its toll after the fast paced start. A few momentary lapses of concentration allowed
Church back into the game with the score 12-8 at quarter time.
The second quarter continued as the first ended, with the Church Stars starting to find their
pace and eventually taking the lead after a huge 3.
It was halfway through the second that Roxy was able to make it to the stadium, albeit
without any cash for a ticket (when did they say those eftpos machines were being
installed?!) and she was quickly into the game to provide some well-earned rest to the other
players. Liz Salter was able to sneak a quick basket right before the buzzer to bring the score
back to 20-21 at the half.
The third quarter was again an arm wrestle, with the baskets going back and forth before
the quarter finished 28 all.
Going into the fourth we needed a huge lift to take the win. Kebbie soon sparked some fire
with a couple of well-timed drives and Zoe Harrison pulled in some huge rebounds and
completed a nice reverse layup leaving the bench in awe.

We managed to pull out to a 40-32 lead with about 3 minutes to go, at which time the
clamps were put on with tight defence. Long possessions became the order of the day and
we succeeded in shutting down the Church attack.
The game finished as a 40-35 hard-fought win in some hot and muggy conditions, leading to
some well-earned drinks at the pub crawl.
Coach Dickie