Blues Recipients 2019 - Tickets Now Available

Blues Recipients 2019 - Tickets Now Available

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It's almost time to celebrate Adelaide University Sport's most prestigious event of the year, the 111th Annual Blues Awards. The Blues is the perfect event for clubs to come together at the end of the year and celebrate their success with the Adelaide University Sport community.

The history of the Blue began in 1836 following a boat race between Oxford and Cambridge universities, first as a blue ribbon tied to the bow of the Cambridge boat and later as the colour of the stripes worn by the Oxford crew. Over time, any student who represented Oxford against Cambridge was entitled to wear a dark blue jacket. Eventually, Blues were awarded for outstanding achievement in university sport – a tradition adopted at universities in many parts of the world. In 1908, the Blue was adopted as the highest recognition for sporting achievement by students of the University of Adelaide.

This year's recipients will be presented to the University of Adelaide sporting community at the The Blues Awards, which will be held on Wednesday 4th December at the National Wine Centre.

Event details, including tickets, can be found here.

Congratulations to the following people for your outstanding contributions and achievements:

Service to University Sport

The Service to University Sport award recognises people who have given an outstanding and highly commendable contribution to Adelaide University Sport, or to Sport at the University of Adelaide over a significant period of time. This award is regarded as a higher award than Club Letters in the case of club-based service.

Kirby Smith - Baseball


A Blue is awarded to University of Adelaide students, who are members of an Adelaide University Sport club and who have had outstanding performances at a state or national level.

William Smith - Boat
Nathan Dignam - Ultimate Frissbee

Half Blue

Half Blue is awarded to University of Adelaide students, who are members of an Adelaide University Sport club, for achievement at a high level.

Harrison Francis - Boat
Carys Jones - Boat
Jordan Blanco - Touch

Club Letters

Club Letters are awarded for significant service to an Adelaide University Sport club and for sporting achievement. 'Competition Letters' are present to those who have been recognised for their achievement at the community level. 'Service Letters' are presented to those who have been involved with the club for a number of years and often filling volunteer roles.

Club Letters – Competition

Ben Zoontjens- Baseball
Daniel Broadbridge -Baseball
Jake Martschink - Baseball
Jason Wellington - Baseball
Kirby Smith - Baseball
Mark Stephens - Baseball
Lachlan Cotton- Basketball
Scott Chislett - Basketball
Tim Summers - Basketball
Celia Cowan - Boat
Bailey Wightman - Cricket
Bonny Miller - Cricket
Lachlan Coleman - Cricket
Anubhav Chauhan - Cricket
Samuel Kerber - Cricket
Josiah Whittaker - Cycling
Benjamin Lam - Fencing
Abby Pengelly - Football
Andrew Alesci - Football
Damien Cunningham - Football
Dominic Davis - Football
Jack Strange - Football
Matthew Allan - Football
Michael Leslie - Football
Nadia von Bertouch - Football
Stephanie Walker - Football
Tom Bateman - Football
James Agness - Rugby Union
Axel Sonnenburg - Rugby
Jack Jenkins - Rugby
April Zimmermann - Touch
Stephen Daenke - Touch
Xiaomin (Mandy) Huang - Wing Chun

Club Letters – Service

Ian Broadbridge - Baseball
Josh Gloede - Baseball
Warren Pengilly - Baseball
Patrick Ey - Boat (Rowing)
Augustine Bhaskharraj - Cricket
Lachlan Coleman - Cricket
Luke Crocker - Cricket
Patrick Squire - Cricket
Adrian Howard - Football
Ricky Corben - Judo
Jason Gummow - Rugby Union
Vikki Chave - Rugby Union
Kosta Jaric - Soccer
Jack King - Touch
Owen Teakle - Touch
Tom Ralph - Touch

If you haven't purchased a ticket to the event, follow this link to do so!